Ealing and Northfield

Ealing council and its Labour leadership strangely unwilling to tackle Horn Lane PM10 pollution

I attended cabinet tonight on behalf of Acton residents to raise the excessive PM10 airborne pollution levels around Horn Lane arising out of the industrial sites around Acton Mainline station. This area suffers from hugely raised PM10 levels and locals are anxious about potential respiratory problems as a result.

Horn Lane PM10s

The picture (generated from Ealing councils own monitoring data) shows that PM10 levels are hugely elevated above those measured on Western Avenue (in blue) and the Hanger Lane Gyratory system (in black). It is clear that Horn Lane is different from Ealing’s busiest roads. During weekdays PM10 levels shoot up to 6 times the level of really polluted areas.

Tonight the cabinet discussed a report that proposes to spend £5K of the London Mayor’s Mayor’s Air Quality Fund doing scenario development for air quality action planning on Horn Lane (whatever that is?). After eight years of monitoring it would be nice if the council had a clue as to where the excessive PM10 levels were coming from.

Tonight at cabinet the Labour administration agreed that Horn Lane was an outlier in terms of PM10 levels but no-one seemed to want to take up the challenge of owning the problem. Council Leader Julian Bell stated he lived in the area but didn’t want to own it. Cllr Mahfouz has cabinet responsibility but didn’t want to make any commitments – I asked him three times. Cllr Patricia Walker, an Acton Central councillor, thanked me for doing her casework but was similarly unwilling to push herself forward.

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