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Bell tries to link beds in sheds to benefits reform – really?

Bell chasing outhousesCouncl leader Julian Bell really is talking nonsense today in his quote on about the beds in sheds issue. In response to the announcement that the government is giving Ealing another £270K on top of the £280K already received to tackle beds in sheds (not mentioned in latest press release) Bell says:

My fear is that the dire shortage of private sector housing, high rents and changes to benefits is likely to create a ‘perfect storm’ where more and more people will be pushed into unsuitable housing at the mercy of unscrupulous landlords.

From reading the council’s own reports, talking to the borough commander and seeing the BBC TV news coverage of this issue a major driver of the problem is young, Punjabi illegal immigrant men who want to work as day labourers for cash in hand. No sensible level of housing, rents or benefits is ever going to make it possible for these guys to live decently. Their employers really don’t want to spend that much. Their employers and landlords, often the same people, are simply out to exploit them and their illegal status. Bell’s “perfect storm” is nonsense.

2 replies on “Bell tries to link beds in sheds to benefits reform – really?”

Just what are the Coalition Government and Tory Party approaches to solving the beds in sheds and Punjabi cash in hand ‘illegals’ challengies?



I think that giving the council £550K of new money specifically to tackle this problem is a good start.

This problem started small. For years, decades even, this problem has grown up. The figures show that it is a much bigger problem in Southall than the rest of the borough. For years 15 Southall councillors have seen theirs homes surrounded by back garden buildings. They have seen people coming and going. And done nothing.


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