Ealing and Northfield

Enterprise back tonight

Tonight the council’s hapless rubbish and recycling contractor, Enterprise, will be back in front of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee at 7.45pm at the Town Hall for a grilling on their somewhat less than elite performance over the last six months. The officers’ report for the meeting veers between being refreshingly honest, if understated:

This street cleansing after collection part of the contract has not been performed by Enterprise as well as is required in the first 6 months of the contract.

and weirdly confusing outputs (demonstrably worse) with inputs (aspirational):

It must be stressed however, that this represents performance against an enhanced specification

There are three key points to take away from the report that will be discussed tonight at the Overview and Scrutiny Committee:

Missed collections

There have been 5,000 missed collections a month on average for 6 months. A total of 31,201 missed collections in first six months of the contract compared to 6,422 the previous year. Missed collections have been running at five times the rate of the previous year for six months.


For four months pretty much all of the borough’s dry recycling (86%) was mixed up and sent to Kent. This has disillusioned many of our recycling residents.

Street cleaning

On average, for four months, one third of the borough’s streets were unacceptably dirty. There are still more than twice as many dirty streets as last year.

2 replies on “Enterprise back tonight”

“against an enhanced specification”

If they can’t get that right by now, will they ever get it right?

Why do collections take place after (instead of before) the street cleaners start sweeping (if that’s what one can call it)?

You said something about the fines. Any more to report?


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