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Labour’s priorities: Union money up 5.2% under Labour

The council makes a big thing about the £85 million savings it is making. At the centre of this is a £56 million cut in the council’s grant which is the equivalent of something like 28% of its grants. At the last council meeting I asked some questions about union facility time. See questions 11, 12 and 13.

Overall union facility time has risen by 5.2% in Labour’s first two years in power. That is right up 5.2%. The council spends £264,800 to employ 5.1 people on union business.

It is quite striking that the non-teaching portion of this cash handout to the unions has been frozen for the last two years. The teacher portion of this has shot up 8.9%. Apparently the teacher shop stewards are twice as expensive as the council’s other shop stewards. The teaching shop stewards cost £76K per annum each on average. The others cost £35K each on average. Apparently Socialist Worker extremists such as Nick Grant and Stefan Simms, secretary and assistant secretary of Ealing’s NUT branch, are worth £76K a year each to Ealing residents even when they work for the NUT organising strikes rather than teaching.

The most egregious part of this is that the council has given Nick Grant, the NUT’s branch secretary for Ealing, an extra day a week to undertake his duties as a national executive member. Repeat. This extra cash does nothing for Ealing. It is a gift from you, the Ealing council tax payer, to the NUT union. It is worth about £10,000 per annum. When I asked what is the value of this to Ealing council tax payers the answer was:

The arrangement permits some insights and information about the NUT’s approach nationally to various issues such as wage bargaining.

Do you believe this? Is this how you want your money spending?

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The Department for Communities and Local Government is issuing new rules, which come into effect from 1 July, making a legal requirement for councillors to declare payments and payments in kind from trade unions. Failure to do so will potentially be a criminal offence.

Have there been any declarations?


Hi Nick,

Nadine Dorries has had the Tory whip withdrawn and what she is doing at least has the advantage of being transparent. Everyone knows exactly what she is doing and what she is paid. Her constituents get the chance to chuck her out in May 2015 if they don’t approve.

Maybe you will tell us how much you are paid to be a fulltime worker for NUT? I am sure that many residents of the London Borough of Ealing who are forced to pay your salary to organise strikes so that they can look after their children on a school day would like the chance to vote you out. At least be big enough to share the facts with them Nick. It looks to me like you get paid more than an MP does by Ealing residents to work fulltime for the NUT. Am I wrong?


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