Ealing and Northfield National politics

Ten Sharma Lies: Ignores Labour’s youth unemployment disaster

I am having a go at Ealing Southall MP Virendra Sharma for spewing out mendacious Labour party sound bites that I suspect he probably doesn’t even understand himself. In his latest piece in the Gazette he says:

The contrast with David Cameron could not be greater. He has led us into a double-dip recession, with 1 million young people out of work.

I dealt with Shamra Lie Number 1 yesterday about Gordon Brown’s recession. Today I will deal with Sharma Lie Number 2 on youth unemployment.

As this picture from a recent House of Commons Library paper shows youth unemployment fell by 62,000 during the last quarter. Regetably it rose under Labour for most of this century and rose very steeply by about 200,000 after the financial crash which we were ill prepared for as we entered it with a pre-existing structural deficit of 5.2% of GDP. Youth unemployment has been jiggling about a bit since then: a bit flat, down a bit, up a bit, a bit flat and finally down a bit. Under Labour we pretty much doubled youth unemployment between 2000 and 2010.

Youth unemployment statistics are a strange beast. If you take the people who claim to be searching for work who are actually in full-time education right now out of the statistics youth unemployment drops to 658,000. Yes! I know!

Getting back to Sharma, he must take people for fools if he thinks that he can gloss over Labour’s appalling youth unemployment disaster during the first 8 years of this century.

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