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Watch out on Greenford Road

I have been highlighting how out of step the Otter Road yellow box junction is on Greenford Road but further digging around shows that it is not just this junction but the whole of Greenford Road which is a bit of a hazard to motorists, at least to their pockets. In August 15% of all parking tickets in the Borough were given out on Greenford Road.

Detailed analysis of the statistics shows that in a typical month about 2,000 parking tickets (Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)) are issued on Greenford Road out of roughly 16,000 per month issued across the Borough. The annual value of these tickets is £1.5 million. 98% of these tickets are issued automatically by CCTV, according to Stephen Babcock, distracted driving attorney. Most of the tickets are given out for stopping on the Greenford Road/Otter Road yellow box junction, driving in the bus lanes and stopping on loading bays and the taxi rank. The Greenford Road/Otter Road yellow box junction on its own is worth at least £500K a year to the Council.

It is important that drivers follow the Highway Code and that residents consider their neighbours when parking. That said, it does look like Ealing Council is too reliant on giving out parking tickets on Greenford Road. More work needs to be done to improve signing and to help people avoid tickets. The Council’s objective should be compliance not income.

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Spot on Phil.
I know this junction well, and the traffic has been and is chaotic there and close by. A bus depot, a commercial and domestic waste and recycling depot, a newly expanded secondary school, a large pub being demolished, and a new street market- all contrive to gain more of drivers’ attention than box junctions protocols.


Thank you Eric.

There are two box junctions close together. At the Otter Road one on Greenford Road the council gives out anywhere between 600 and 800 tickets per month. At the junction of Greenford Road and Ruislip Road there is another yellow box junction where this photo was taken, where the pub is. No tickets are given out here.

It seems excessive and arbitrary that one junction is heavily enforced, generating £500K per annum. It seems arbitrary that the other one is not enforced at all.


Ok lets take it back then Phil,

Cllr Stacey took£5 million to improve Greenford (Good for Greenford the scheme was called, ahem)

So surely these box junctions recoup the spend 🙂

If you walk about, the number 1 issue is traffic for residents/businesses
this was expressed before the scheme started,but instead lets give paving and trees to Greenford, we cant improve traffic so hopefully this greenery will keep them quiet.

and now you report on traffic box junctions

defeinitely a link here..


I’m not surprised to find out that the Red Lion box isn’t enforced. I’ve long suspected that commercial vehicles have know this for a while as they seem to block it at will causing far more hold ups than the rather peculiar ‘non’ box junction at Otter Road.

Another thing that drives me nuts is just how long the all pedestrian phase is at the Red Lion junction. I think it’s actually dangerous as pedestrians are confronted with an eternal red man, see no vehicles moving, so decide to ‘leg it’ after about 20 seconds putting themselves at risk. I don’t know why a flashing amber light phase isn’t used to improve the efficiency and safety of this junction.

The Good For Greenford scheme seems to have been a failure when it comes to improving traffic flow through the Broadway.


I just received a PCN for entering and stopping at The Greenford Road/Otter Road yellow box junction . Lucky me!!! I was not aware how notorious this road was……


I have just received a PCN for entering and stopping at the end of the yellow box junction. really annoyed!! wasn’t aware how bad the road is….


I just got an immediate £65 PCN to be paid within a fortnight for getting slightly stuck behind a car at the yellow box junction at Greenford/Otter road.. So expensive and unfair


I have just received a PCN from my rental company Hertz, for a parking violation on Greenford Road and Otter Road. The PCN helpfully included a 42 Pound Hertz admin fee. This is scandalous. I see a number of people have challenged tickets given in this location. Can you let me know how I can get hold of the video and at least see whether I did something wrong. I certainly don’t remember doing so although I am unfamiliar with this area.


I just got a PCN, this is ridiculous that the council can get away with this there is so much traffic on the road that it is difficult to even think about timing whether you are going to be trapped on the box junction by the car in front of you.



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