Parking Services

Parking danger zones – August

Since April the council has been publishing information monthly on where it is giving out tickets. This is something I started off when I was in charge and I have persuaded them to resume this habit after a break caused by a re-organisation of the council’s website apparently.

The council recently published the August data, see here.

I have been keeping a track of those road features/offences that generate more than 200 tickets per month, see below.

It is good to see that only 4 sites crossed the 200 threshold in September but these four sites alone generated 13.6% of all tickets in the borough. Unfortunately the Otter Road yellow box junction on Greenford Road is still top of the table for the fifth month running. 4.9% of all the borough’s tickets were written on this one junction this month. This one junction is worth something like £500K to the council every year. This is disproportionate.

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