Ealing and Northfield

Altogether better? Altogether rubbish more like

If you are wondering how much the Altogether better magazine you received through your letterbox this week cost I can tell you. Everyone in the borough got one at a price of £40K.

20-30 people have had their council tax flushed down the toilet to fund this nonsense.

Lots of the facts and figures are wrong and most of the projects they are talking about have been around for a long time. You will have read it all before in Around Ealing.

David Millican, the Conservative group leader, says:

This glossy magazine is a complete waste of public money. The politically motivated leading article starts by saying that “times are tough” and talks about “value for money” yet fails to mention how many thousands of pounds this publication is costing. Dreadful!

It would be better if the council stuck to cleaning the place up rather than blowing its own trumpet.

One reply on “Altogether better? Altogether rubbish more like”

This shameless design, print and distribution exercise can only be explained by it being an early attempt at saying how wonderful Ealing’s Labour administration is, so that thousands might vote them back in 19 months time.


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