Health, housing and adult social services

The NHS march and rally: A great day for our borough

I got a bit sunburnt on Ealing Common this afternoon talking to loads of people. It was lovely to see so many people out and to see everyone going in more or less the same direction. One of the things you learn quite quickly in local politics is that for most of the time we all agree on most of the issues most of the time, whether it is HS2, the third runway at Heathrow or the loss of all our local A&Es. It often isn’t that complicated.

The local Conservatives were out in force encouraging people to take part in the consultation. We have all signed the petitions, marched and rallied and now the way to get inside the decision makers’ heads and make them change their minds is for people to individually respond to the consultation. When you are making big decisions petitions sometimes wash over you. You acknowledge the hard work of the person who went and bugged their neighbours for signatures but it rarely makes you question your assumptions. When you get personal e-mails every day from different people, in their own words, you quickly start to have doubts and you revisit all of your calculations. Individual responses to the consultation are what will shake the confidence of the NHS North West London decision makers.

Take the next step, is respond to the consultation.

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