Ealing and Northfield

Council continues to waste residents’ recycling efforts

In spite of promises to reinstate kerbside re-cycling which is the most environmentally friendly approach to re-cycling, Ealing Council still mixed up most (81%) of dry re-cycling in July. In figures released by the Council last Wednesday, it became clear that 1,132.60 Tonnes out of 1,399.62 Tonnes of dry-recycling (81%) was sent by Enterprise to the Ideal MRF in Kent. Across the Borough, most of residents’ carefully sorted re-cycling was mixed up and sent to Kent to be re-sorted again at great expense.

For the first four months of the current financial year 87% of dry-recycling was sent to the MRF.

The Council keeps telling us that things are going to get better, but when the numbers finally dribble out weeks after the month end, it seems that the rate of improvement is all too slow. The Council has consistently downplayed this huge backward step in our re-cycling. The gold standard for re-cycling is kerbside sorting which ensures that the best use is made of the waste. The Council has thrown away most of residents’ sorting and separating efforts for 4 months now.

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