Parking danger zones – July

For the last three months I have been keeping track of the parking tickets given out by the Borough, see April, May and June. Since I last wrote on the subject of parking tickets the council has released their July data. You can see the data published by the council here.

For comparison the council gave out 197,302 tickets in the 2011/12 financial year (see Annual Report here). I have multiplied the monthly totals by 12 to give the equivalent yearly rate and divided that by last year’s total number of tickets issued to give an idea of the proportion that one road feature or offence represents compared to the whole borough.

In July there were 8 sites that generated more than 200 tickets in the month, some 17.7% of all tickets issued in the Borough.

Again all top 8 sites are CCTV enforced and 4 out of 8 sites are bus lane sites. Altogether these 4 high volume bus lane sites generate over half of all bus lane tickets in the borough.

The Otter Road box junction is getting out of hand with 800 tickets in July. This number has been going up every month for four months and now almost 5% of all tickets in the Borough are given out at this one site. Some comms work needs to be done to knock back this number.

April: 652
May: 704
June: 750
July: 800

If all these tickets were paid at the 50% (which is on average what happens in practice) this one box junction is worth £624K to the council. I will be asking officers what is going on here. Maybe the leader of the council in whose ward it is will want to do some asking too?

One reply on “Parking danger zones – July”

I’ve just been caught by this infamous trap. Unfortunately looking at the video evidence, it seems the operator was purely focussing on watching a 20 sq yd area of yellow boxhell in a clear attempt to catch as many cars as possible for revenue purposes, rather than focussing on the broken down car 100yds up the road that was blocking one of two lanes, causing all the chaos. Maybe if the operator had been monitoring the traffic flow in the area as a whole they would have spotted this car and got the vehicle moved/moving and the tailbacks wouldnt have got so out of hand. I wish you all the luck in trying to address this: traffic jams = blocked roads = revenue, so as long as the council makes so much money out of this junction, what is the incentive for fixing the cause of such problems.


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