Ealing and Northfield

Boris Bike Hub opens on Haven Green

This morning Central Ealing & Acton MP, Angie Bray, opened the new Bike Hub on Haven Green. This great new facility has been provided thanks to funding from Transport for London. Haven Green is one of the focal points of our borough and this scheme manages to improve Haven Green and provide a great facility for cyclists. When all of the work is finished in September it will look really great.

The half of the Bike Hub that is finished already looks pretty good. You can see the unfinished half behind Angie. For some reason the Council’s press people managed to stand the official party in front of the unfinished part instead of turning them through 180 degrees so that they appeared in front of the finished bit. The bike stands are unique and seem to work really well. The sheds are lit and monitored by CCTV. Apparently Ealing Council rushed the opening so that it could be opened in time for the Olympics. The other half will be finished in about three weeks and then they can start work on the corner of Haven Green that is still surrounded in fencing. It should all be looking good by the autumn. If you are looking for a great road bike check out this budget road bike.

The whole exercise is being funded by Transport for London with a bit of Section 106 money from developers. Labour’s Transport lead, Cllr Bassam Mahofouz, talked about £1 million being spent on cycling in Ealing in the current year. What he didn’t say was that every penny of this money was coming from TfL. I will be calling this lovely building the Boris Bike Hub from now in order to recognise the London Mayor putting his money where his mouth is and actually funding cycling. Ealing Council is not spending a penny. Ealing Labour party has decided to prioritise the Southall car park and Ealing Council buildings for receiving Ealing Council capital funds.

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