Ealing and Northfield

Time for a bit of honesty

One of the features of the rubbish fiasco has been the downright dishonestly of its portrayal by the council. Council taxpayers pay council officers to be objective. They have failed.

A prime example is this notice which is featured prominently on the council’s website right now:

They say “Some of our trucks …”. They mean 88.5% of all dry recycling.

A more honest communication with the public would say something along the lines of:

Due to failures on the part of our contractor which the council has not been able to rectify the council is unable to deliver a kerbside recycling service. We can however take all of your dry recycling to an alternative facility which will take mixed recyclables and separate them. Therefore you do not need to sort your re-cycling for the time being. Please leave dry re-cycling unsorted in either your green box and/or white sack and it will all be sent for sorting by our contractor. When the contractor is able to restart kerbside recycling we will make an announcement.

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