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Questions: One third of streets dirty in April

The council’s street monitoring team keep an eye on the street cleaning undertaken by our cleaning contractor and keep them up to the mark. At the extraordinary council meeting to discuss Labour’s rubbish fiasco I asked about how they were doing in April of this year under the new cleaning contract compared to last April.

Question 17:

How many streets were graded A, B, C by the street monitoring team in the month of April? How did this compare with April 2011?

Answer 17:

The following are the number of transects monitored this April (2012) with last April (2011) in brackets.

• Grade A 2960 (12,750)
• Grade B 790 (444)
• Grade C 681 (313)
• Grade D 7 (0)

These figures are not very transparent. According to another answer to a question the number of monitoring officers employed by the council has gone down from 7 to 5 (Question 18) but the number of transects (bits of street) monitored has been reduced by 2/3rds. At first sight this looks like a productivity disaster although I am prepared to accept that the officers may have been helping to sort out the problems with the Enterprise contract.

What we can do is compare the proportions at each grade, see below.

Last year only 5% of all Ealing’s streets were less than A grade. This April it is exactly one third. The new contract promised same day cleaning after the bin men had raced around making an awful mess as they have traditionally always done, whoever runs the contract or is in power politically. Last year the street cleaners reliably came around the next day and cleared up after their colleagues. Now it has all got a bit random. Sometimes they come before the collections. Sometimes days after. As a result the place is looking scruffier – one third of the borough looks scruffy according to the council’s own monitoring officers.

The answers still don’t seem to be up on the council’s website. You can download them here.

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