Ealing and Northfield

Sahota’s campaign ignores the rules again

The campaign to get Onkar Sahota elected as an Assembly Member has been previously criticised by Mark Wallace for misusing public resources (in this case Parliament). Wallace reprinted an e-mail regarding a Sahota fundraiser sent by Virendra Sharma MP’s researcher Julian Bell who used his work e-mail address. As Bell works part-time as Sharma’s researcher in Parliament it was an official e-mail address he used. This might be judged a relatively minor offence but it demonstrates a contempt for the niceties on the part Bell.

Yesterday I went to the Town Hall to check the nomination papers of the candidates that took part in the election for the Ealing & Hillingdon GLA seat. I found more misbehaviour by Labour.

Ealing councillor Yoel Gordon acted as the agent for Onkar Sahota’s campaign. Again we see the casual contempt for the rules. He has used his council e-mail address for his own party’s political business. He is simply not allowed to do this.

Sahota himself spent a lot of time earlier this year jamming himself into official photographs, again breaking rules about misusing public resources for campaigning. Labour politicians in Ealing think that public resources are theirs to use as they like.

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