Ealing and Northfield Mayor Johnson

Boris wins but Barnes loses

Commiserations to ex-GLA member for Ealing and Hillingdon, Richard Barnes who lost his seat this afternoon to Labour’s Onkar Sahota. There were 3,110 votes in it or 1.9%.

Mayor Boris Johnson had a much better time of it in Ealing & Hillingdon beating Ken Livingstone by 12,215 votes or 7.5%.

Boris outperformed his party by 12.1% and even Richard outperformed by 3.4%.

Ealing & Hillingdon results here and here.

6 replies on “Boris wins but Barnes loses”

Richard lost by a small margin & I feel whilst canvassing we failed to mention his name not half as much as Boris’. Our leaflets should have emphasized that this GLA member for Ealing & Hillingdon has successfully served as the Deputy Mayor of London to Boris.


It’s a shame that so many people were conned by Johnson yet again, but at least Labour performed strongly which bodes well for the future.


Arun so its all your fault?

Hmm why mention Boris names but not Richard, are you campaignign for London Mayor or Ealing & illingdon seat?
Either way due to this failure, Id quesiton you representign anyone in future.



It was a narrow margin – 3,110 votes or 1.9%. It was a big swing compared to last time. Let’s get our terms right.

Interestingly both Livingstone and Sahota underperformed their party and Johnson and Barnes outperformed theirs.

Your language of “flouncing off” and “hissy fits” seems a bit unnecessary. The guy lost – a hard thing to deal with. I can be robust sometimes but I don’t usually have a go at people when they are down.

Barnes said in the Evening Standard: “You can’t complain about democracy when you lose. I have to take the rough with the smooth and it’s my time for a bit of rough. I don’t have a Plan B.”. This sounds pretty philosophical and not very hissy to me.


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