Ealing and Northfield

Council senior management costs rising again

Ealing Council has failed to make any progress over the last year in cutting the cost of its senior management team. In fact it has gone up by 2.2%. The Labour council has tried to dramatise the magnitude of the cuts it is facing by exaggerating them and repeating the mantra that the government is going to far and too fast but here is a case of Labour going not very far, slowly. Compared to the 50% hit taken by some frontline services the council’s senior management team has got off lightly and it looks like the process has run its course.

For the last three years the Conservatives have asked the same carefully worded question to keep track of this. Last year there was modest fall of 7.7% in total costs and the management headcount fell by 8. This year the headcount has crept up by 1 and the bill by 2.2%. Most of this rise is accounted for by National Insurance changes as pay has been frozen for this group and there seems to have been little or no grade inflation, but it is noteworthy that one new manager has been added to the numbers.

In October 2010 the former council leader asked a series of 3 questions (40-42, here) asking how many and how much the senior management team at Ealing council cost. In October 2011 I repeated the questions (15,17 and 18, here) to see how much Labour has saved on the senior management team in the course of a year. I repeated the process this April (questions 15, 16 and 18, here). The answers are tabulated below.

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One reply on “Council senior management costs rising again”

I can see quite a consistent vote-winning portfolio emerging from the effects of the Ealing Southall Labour Group’s mistakes:

1) Re-instate free garden refuse collection services.
2) Create a new centre for the disabled in Ealing (close to central transport services).
3) Create a new centre for those who are mentally-ill (again close to central transport services – perhaps in the Old Town Hall).
4) Cancel the Southall Car Park and instead investigate with TFL the possibilities of compulsory purchase of pavement space in Southall to widen the Uxbridge Road in Southall.
5) Re-task the Ealing Planning Department away from issuing permitted development certificates (which are not legally necessary) and instead focus on illegal sheds and other commercial outhouses.
6)Reduce the management overhead of Ealing Council.
7) Require development of Arcadia and Ealing Broadway station to include a) a poly-clinic or cottage hospital, and b) a swimming pool in the centre of Ealing (a promise made long ago by Labour when Ealing Pool behind the Ealing Town Hall was closed but never fulfilled).

How is that for starters for a local Conservative manifesto?



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