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Northfield ward let down by new waste contractors yesterday

Local councillors are getting lots of reports of failed rubbish and re-cycling collections across Northfield yesterday.

We heard that the new joint collection of green boxes and plastics failed at Claygate Road, Raymond Avenue, Boston Road and the North/South Road estate. Also food waste failed on Trent Avenue.

This morning I have had black sacks left behind at my house. Have heard reports of failures from South Acton, Elthorne and Southfield wards too.

You might expect some teething problems with the handover from old to new contractors but this does seem rather large scale.

If there is a problem in your road then click here to report quickly without hanging on phone (which seems to be backed up too right now).

5 replies on “Northfield ward let down by new waste contractors yesterday”

The collection day for our road is Monday.

I noticed the small green ‘kitchen waste’ containers being emptied in to a ‘wheelie bin’, which was wheeled down our road for that purpose, about mid-morning on Monday but after that there was nothing. Green boxes and white sacks for plastic remained unemptied until sometime on Tuesday afternoon.

Some people in surrounding roads had left garden waste for collection in orange sacks as we used to do and of course this was not collected. The message that this service is no longer available unless you pay an extra £40 obviously has not got through to those people.



It looks like we could be in for a l o n g disappointment if the following post on the Ealing Today Forum is true:

“Waste collection problems are set to continue until June because the wrong trucks that Enterprise are using now will not be replaced until June at the earliest. The 25 rental trucks having problems in Ealing are due to be replaced by new trucks (30 of them) that have been ordered but will not arrive until June at the earliest.

“Should Ealing Council sack Enterprise and spare us three more months of chaos? Remember, Enterprise has not spent anything on the trucks yet so Ealing Council would not have to pay them anything especially after this fiasco.”

Is this true, are we going to have to wait for three months until Enterprise gets the new trucks that it is buying.




Please feel free to edit the previous comment. This really is far too important a situation for it not to be investigated properly.



Like many other I have been intrigues by the total lack of coverage about Ealing’s rubbish crisis in the Ealing Gazette. Even more intriguing as that Labour Council Leader Julian Bell seems to be in complete denial and is doing a “Nero Fiddles While Rome Burns Act”. I just had to post this excerpt of what he considers important here from his April 4th today political puff piece in the Gazette. If he is to be believed residents are more interested in Olympic legacy’s and BMX bikes rather than getting their rubbish collected.

“Cllr Julian Bell: Building an Olympic legacy for Ealing
“”Apr 4 2012
“Pupils from Christ Church C of E School in Ealing Broadwaywith council leader Julian Bell in Walpole Park celebrating the torch staying the night in Ealing
“This week’s Constituency Matters comes from the leader of Ealing Council, Labour councillor Julian Bell.
“Last night in full Council meeting I announced that as part of Ealing Council’s “Olympic legacy we would be building a new BMX track at Gurnell leisure centre to compliment the highly successful skate park.
“BMX riding is now an Olympic sport and this new facility will be very popular with local children and young people.”


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