Ealing and Northfield National politics

NUT on strike today – again

I hope your school is not closed by the NUT strike in London today over pensions. These actions are designed to cause the most inconvenience for parents at the least cost to teachers. One reason teachers are so keen to go on strike, this is the third in the last year, is that they only get docked 1/365th of their annual pay for every strike day.

The national Ts and Cs for teachers in England and Wales, the so-called Burgundy book, specify that deductions should only be made at a rate of 1/365th. Section 3.2 reads as follows:

In addition to the provisions of Sections 4, 5 and 6, where authorised unpaid leave of absence or unauthorised absence (e.g. strike action) occurs deductions of salary shall be calculated at a daily or part-daily rate based on the day’s salary being 1/365th of a year for each day of the period of absence.

The upshot is that teachers are only really losing half a day’s pay. Schools have to be open for 190 days a year. Teachers never seem to want to go on strike on weekends, public holidays, school holidays or inset days. They should lose 1/190th of their annual pay for every school day they strike. Parents have to use a days’ holiday to look after their children.

As usual Nick Grant, secretary of the Ealing NUT branch and SWP activist, is in the vanguard agitating to make the strike national rather than regional, see here.

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