Ealing and Northfield

Cllr Mahfouz endorses Tory programme for Ealing

Labour’s Cllr Bassam Mahfouz was chirpily tweeting through tonight’s meeting of the cabinet. Four out of five of his tweets endorse policies of the previous Conservative administration.

On 23rd February 2010 Cllr David Millican kicked off the first Shopping Parades Improvement Programme, see here.

By 2004 Ealing was the dirtiest borough in London with 49% of streets significantly dirty. Not only that but Ealing paid amongst the most for its terrible service, see here.

The process for chucking out our previous appalling graffiti contractor and putting in place the graffiti and fly-tipping contract that Cllr Mafouz is extolling was started on 27th June 2006 by Cllrs Will Brooks and Susan Emment, see here.

It wasn’t quite so easy to chuck out the incumbent street cleaning and waste disposal contractor, ECT, in 2006 so the then council leader personally undertook a series of “Reality Checks” to demonstrate to both council officers and the contractor the need for better performance. The combination of this top level focus and additional spending on cleaning saw the Borough visibly transformed.

Cllr Mahfouz knows that street cleaning is now the litmus test for any Ealing administration and that he must keep up the standards set by his predecessors.

On the 6th May 2008 I kicked off the Pitzhanger Manor project, see here.

On 12th May 2009 Cllr David Millican, Cllr Brooks and myself kicked off the Acton Town Hall regeneration programme, see here.

The only Tory policy that Cllr Mahfouz didn’t endorse tonight was the £50 cash back. Mahfouz can’t avoid the fact that when he and his group had to vote on the matter they all voted in favour to man and woman.

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