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“Professor” Pound backs Livingstone, talks nonsense

Ealing North MP, Stephen “Call me Steve” Pound, is never shy of making a fool of himself so this video comes as no surprise. He seems quite happy to endorse the Livingstone campaign’s misinformation about public transport and fares.

Pound repeats the misinformation about TfL’s non-existant surplus in spite of this having been debunked by Channel 4’s independent Fact Check blog at the end of January.

Pound also has an intern pulling faces about various alleged transport failings under Boris Johnson. Tfl’s official figures that show Tube performance has improved by 40% under Johnson and indeed one of the main complaints of the fishy Confessions from the Underground “documentary” on Channel 4 was the hard driving by TfL to reduce delays.

Pound calls Boris Johnson out of touch and refers to his much discussed £250,000 earnings from his Telegraph column, which he pays tax on like regular people. Obviously he fails to mention Livingstone’s personal tax evasion scheme called Silveta Limited. It is perfectly legal to set up a limited company in this way but Livingstone looks like a hypocrite for just setting up the company. When he talks about setting political expenses against profit he admits to committing a tax fraud.

With his majority and long-standing service to Ealing Pound can afford to engage in this partisan nonsense without damaging himself too much. No sign of Pound rising above it any time soon.

One reply on ““Professor” Pound backs Livingstone, talks nonsense”

It’s fun to have politicians who have a sense of humour. Is there a single Tory on the Ealing Council benches who qualifies?

But where Steve blundered, and seriously, was that he said after Ken’s fare reduction, there would be a little left for improving the underground.



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