Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Livingstone on the police

The Livingstone campaign is using February to make unfunded claims about policing that look as silly as their unfunded claims about public transport last month. They seem to think that their calling Boris Johnson a thief is going to work for them. Lovely people. The only way we will have more police under Livingstone is if he massively puts up the precept.

Police numbers went up, they went down, they are going up again, they will end up about 1,000 higher than when Boris started with an extra £90 million from central government that ensures that they stay at the 32,000 mark well into the future.

Meanwhile you wonder what this policeman is doing walking down the street with a bunch of Labour politicians. Is he there as a prop? In which case what is going on? Is he a proper cop or an actor? If he is a proper cop why on earth is he using public funds to support the Livingstone campaign? At least Julian Bell’s camel overcoat gets another outing.

Notably Livingstone came to Ealing unannounced. He knows he is too unpopular to advertise in advance.

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