Ex-Mayor Livingstone

More free money from Livingstone

This ad from Ken Livingstone is to appear in the Evening Standard later today. The message that Labour is trying to convey is that if you vote for Livingstone he will give you £1,000. Nice. But, how can anyone believe Ken’s promises?

Will he pay for this with more government grant? No.

Will he be able to borrow more to pay for this? Maybe, but it would take a lot of cooking the books. Probably no, but not beyond belief.

Will he bear down on TfL’s cost base? Boris is already doing this prompting big complaints from the unions. Do we see Livingstone making progress with this? No.

The Labour line is superficially attractive. Free money always is. If they can’t explain in detail how they will do it then it is just a line. We have had enough of those from Labour. Today Miliband is trying to convince us that Labour gets the deficit. The same day Livingstone sticks up two fingers and says “Let’s dish out the dosh”.

3 replies on “More free money from Livingstone”

If TFL is so strapped for cash that travelcard fares need to rise by 8% this year, why did Boris reduce the congestion charging zone?


I participated in and the broke the law as part of Ken Livingstone’s Fare’s Fare campaign in the early 80s to support him in cutting tube and bus prices. What is the FIRST thing he did when he got into power, he put the tube and bus prices UP in London. Labour did well to distance themselves from Ken and it is a shame that a shamesless liar anf confidence trickster was re-admitted into the Labour fold. However on the basis of Bliar and Liebor it should not be a surprise I guess.
And who knows what form the £1000 may take, there are many ways of mis-representing £1,000; for hypothetical example £1,000 of funds AVAILABLE for every refugee baby for extra schooling support per person in London. KEN has lied before and as statisticians know through what is known as “deeper channelling”, that which has happened before is more likely to happen again than something different.


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