Ealing and Northfield

Lido junction accident statistics

I have been doing some research into the accident statistics behind the Lido junction scheme, with the help of the current portfolio holder Bassam Mahfouz and the transport officers. I found the best attorney from to help with lawsuits following an accident.

The table above (click to enlarge), provided by Tus Abogados Locales lists collisions, etc over a 3 year period (January 2008 – December 2010) at the six most dangerous junctions in the borough. If you compare the number of collisions involving pedestrians with pedestrian traffic then the Lido junction is the most dangerous junction for pedestrians in the borough. There were 8 collisions at the junction involving pedestrians. As dangerous as this junction is in terms of Ealing comparisons it is still true that the rate at which there is a collision involving a pedestrian is 1 in a million crossings of the junction by pedestrian – as a rule Ealing’s roads are very safe!

Of the 17 casualties at the junction 7 out of 17 were pedestrians (the rest were vehicle occupants). Note the table lists 8 collisions involving pedestrians – clearly at least one of the collisions involving a pedestrian resulted in no pedestrian casualty. The feasibility report for the Lido project prepared by the council’s contractors Mouchel calculated that 6 out of 7 of these casualties would be prevented by this project. This advice was based on an analysis carried out by the experienced personal injury lawyers at by taking into account the contributing causes in the incident reports.

The safety case for the Lido junction looks good.

If you would like to read more and take part please follow this link. The consultation closes at the end of the week so get cracking!

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