Ealing and Northfield

The Lido junction – it will look different in the rear-view mirror

Tonight, along with many residents and a number of local councillors, I attended the meeting held by West Ealing Neighbours (WEN) to discuss the Lido junction project being proposed by the council. WEN are to be congratulated for pushing for this project over many years. The meeting was chaired by David Highton (left) from WEN and the portfolio holder, Cllr Bassam Mahfouz (right), was there to answer questions.

Local councillors very much welcome this scheme and the safety benefits that it will bring. They wrote to the Gazette on 25th November to say as much. We are anxious though that this scheme will have a big impact on journey times north to south through the junction. Don’t misunderstand me. We do not think that this is more important than the potential safety benefit. It is not. But, we are keen though that residents across the borough are aware of it.

Once the scheme is in the people that benefit from it will accept the benefits of the scheme without a second thought. The people queuing southbound to get over the junction will curse the council and the “idiots” who changed the lights. Of course WEN, the residents who demanded this scheme, the council transport people, the councillors, etc are not idiots. They have weighed the safety benefits of this scheme against the increased delays and quite rightly chosen one over the other. We need to remember that!

For this reason the local councillors are keen that this consultation reaches as many people as possible. A paper consultation document has been delivered to 2,639 homes immediately adjacent to the junction. This is a large number but it still only covers a very small area. We strenuously requested that the council do a consultation event at Waitrose but this was refused on the grounds that it would set a precedent. If you would like to read more and take part please follow this link.

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