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Sahota and Labour misbehaving again

On Monday I popped along to the opening of the new car park in Hambrough Road Southall. In other parts of the borough: South Ealing, Acton, West Ealing, etc, the trend has been for the council to close car parks. Southall is different!

A month ago I complained about the misbehavior of the Ealing Labour group and their Ealing and Hillingdon GLA candidate, Onkar Sahota. They are at it again. On Monday Sahota placed himself behind the mayor and the council leader in the photograph which appeared in the Gazette today. Both Bell and Gallagher are experienced councillors who know that they are breaking the rules. Gallagher is meant to be an apolitical representative of the whole borough but yet again he is happy to allow himself to be used for political purposes.

Although Sahota is standing for public office he is happy enough to bend the rules. Yet again he and the Labour group are using an official Ealing council function to promote his candidacy. Is it too much to expect Ealing Labour group to play by the rules?

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The thought comes to mind that we are encountering global warming and killing our planet through pollution. What are these Labour worthies saying about our future? They seem to be saying that they encourage pollution and the killing of our planet. In their shoes I would be EMBARASSED to be associated with something that encourages more cars and more pollution. Why are there no public transport initiatives from the “Planet Killing” Ealing Labour party as a measure to reduce pollution in Ealing and improve the air quality? What does this say about the Labour Party as a whole?



No doubt this is a multi-use car-park. With the closure of Ealing’s only day centre for the disabled and the closure of Ealing’s only day centre for the mentally ill, the caring Labour party of Ealing will allow Ealing’s disabled and mentally-ill to huddle around braziers of burning wood in the sub-zero temperatures during the day (with the exception of peak shopping days like Saturday) and they may even throw the odd tent in too if it gets too wet!



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