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It’s quite clear, from who funds us, who we represent

During the course of today as you amuse your children or whatever other challenge today’s public services strike throws up you might like to spare some time to think about how you will cast your vote in the London mayoral elections in May.

On the one hand Ken Livingstone said in an interview for Total Politics magazine in August:

I don’t think the candidates will be too involved in fundraising, after all the problems Blair got into with Lord Levy. Richard E Grant gave money to my campaign, but 80 per cent of my funding will come from the trade unions, and 77 per cent of Boris’ funding will come from individuals, hedge funds, banks, investment boutiques. It’s quite clear, from who funds us, who we represent.

Livingstone is the candidate of organised, mainly public sector, labour.

Boris Johnson made his views pretty clear in the Telegraph on Monday:

We are told that this strike is just the first, and that the union leaderships are planning a long and miserable Seventies-style “winter of discontent.” I very much hope that is not so – and so, to judge by their reluctance even to take part in the ballot, do many thousands of sensible union members.

It is time the Labour Party stopped prevaricating, and came out against the strike. They are the political arm of the unions, and it is from the unions that they receive 86 per cent of their funding. They could call it off tomorrow.

Johnson is the candidate of service users, council tax payers, travellers, parents, etc. Livingstone tries to brand him as the banks’ candidate but it doesn’t really work does it?

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Whichever news channel you look at there does seem to be today quite a bit of sympathy for this strike.

I am all for extending the retirement date and the principle of increasing contributions.

But if so many employees are women (on lower pay rates) and part timers then shoving up their contributions is or appears to be harsh with inflation so high. In real terms an opinion yesterday suggested that with a cap on rises combined with inflation, the public sector will be worse off by 15 % over the next 10 years.

Has the government gone too far? Osborne became quite exposed/vulnerable in the Autumn statement yesterday. Will Boris be the scapegoat?


“Johnson is the candidate of service users, council tax payers, travellers, parents, etc”

You are amusing sometimes.


Can you elaborate on how Boris is the candidate for travellers? He’s announced that London public transport fees are to raise by 7% next year, and from what I’ve read he’s raised fees above inflation every year since 2008.

Maybe you mean he’s the candidate for people travelling by car, since he reduced the congestion charging zone, which Tfl estimated lost £55m a year in revenue. Presumably the £55m has to be recouped from somewhere…


Livingstone put council tax up to pay for amongst other things far more Metropolitan Police officers in London, which were and are still badly needed. Johnson is overseeing cuts to amongst other things Safer Neighbourhoods Teams across the city, not to mention the disastrous situation he’s inflicted upon the London Fire Brigade.

Johnson is absolutely inept and London cannot bear another four years of him.



Both mayors raised transport fares above inflation. At least Boris has been transparent about it. Livingstone twice promised not to but we now know he was lying. He admitted as much.

Boris had a straight choice between controlling fares or investing in the transport infrastructure – on the basis that London depends on its public transport he chose to invest.

As for the £55 million that is a revenue number. It ignores the costs associated with it (which are substantial). The net surplus TfL lost was a few million.



Johnson is easily ahead in the polls so I think calling him “absolutely inept” is probably rather insulting to the majority of your fellow voters. Can we stick with the facts and leave the name calling to one side? Slagging off Boris hasn’t done Labour much good up to now. Maybe I should encourage you?

Overall police numbers are going up under Johnson. I will pull out the figures for you – the official audited ones. I would recommend that you talk to a few coppers. There are not many who think that one sergeant cannot deal with two SN teams comprising 10 officers. It is not a huge span of control and it is an easily defendable saving. Having your own sergeant may well appeal to the vanity of local councillors but it probably is not a good way to spend limited police budgets.

As for the LFB can you expand on the problems here? Are you talking about the AssetCo contract which was set up in 2001 under Labour?


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