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Save Onkar Sahota

When I was looking at the Ealing petitions site tonight I noticed that Onkar Sahota has started two petitions to “save” two local hospitals. Having started these on Wednesday last week Sahota had managed to get one mate to back him up by Friday. Two petitions with two signatures each. It doesn’t sound as if the Ealing Labour group really believes its own rhetoric. Maybe council leader Julian Bell should get off twitter and get his group organised. Most of them have yet to upgrade from their quill pens and ink pots.

Dr Onkar Sahota is Labour’s hapless candidate for the GLA Ealing & Hillingdon seat currently held by the ebullient Tory and Deputy Mayor, Richard Barnes. Sahota is a local doctor and Daddy’s boy, son of Gurdip Sahota, Chair of Ealing Southall branch. [Labour’s chief whip, Cllr Brian Reeves, recently told me that I had got this bit of the story wrong. He told me that my error was the source of some amusement in the Labour group. He didn’t have any further corrections for me.]

Sahota is yet another Punjabi Labour representative. Apparently only Punjabi’s need apply to represent Southall on behalf of the Labour party. The MP and all 15 councillors are Punjabi. There are Sikh Punjabis, Muslim Punjabis and Hindu Punjabis but Punjabis one and all. Now the GLA candidate is. At least Sahota is 2nd generation. The old guard keep a tight grip of Southall. Of the MP and 15 councillors only one councillor as far as I know is second generation, Cllr “Comrade” Kausar.

Sahota paid a visit to the first riots panel meeting on 17th October. He introduced himself as Dr Onkar Sahota and raised a point about the problem of closing GP’s surgeries early because of the riot. Fair enough. He did not introduce himself as a GLA candidate and if he had done he would probably have been booed into silence when he went on to make a nakedly political point and say that it was the “wrong time to have public spending cuts”.

I don’t see Sahota worrying Barnes unduly in May.

5 replies on “Save Onkar Sahota”

What a ridiculous article. Why are you so concerned about him or anyone else who represents Southall being Punjabi?

This chap is completely right about it being the wrong time to have public spending cuts which are destroying our public services and our country. A campaign to save hospitals in Ealing and further afield is vital and what this government is doing to the NHS is criminal, as anyone who knows about what is going on will tell you and has said clearly.

I don’t know much about Sahota at the moment but I already like him more than that absolute goon Barnes.


Oh dear. The conclusion to this piece is nearly as embarrassing as Barnes refusing to stand on stage to listen to the results being read out.


Im still laughing nearly a week on

the hapless candidate humiliated the goon that is Barnes
Also your assumptions on him being related were solely based on having the same cuklture and surname??


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