Bell gets his numbers wrong – again

Council leader, Labour’s Julian Bell, is very slapdash with numbers. His tweets above seek to make political capital out of the riots. According to the police they deployed 16,000 on Tuesday 9th August.

The 14,000 number Bell quotes is a Labour party estimate which is of dubious provenance and in any case includes back office staff across the whole country.

Cllr Bell might like to comment on why the Met were only able to put 6,000 officers, out of a workforce of 32,000 warranted officers, on the streets on the night of August 8th. The problem on August 8th was not one of police numbers. It was one of police deployment and work practices. Bell does not like confronting wasteful work practices and has made no progress on the £30 million he could save by reforming Ealing council’s work practices, see here.

Furthermore, the bit of police spending Bell is in charge of has been reduced from £1.07 million to £660K, a budget cut of 38%. The number of officer is due to drop from 43 to 19 or 58%.

Bell is the biggest police cutter.

One reply on “Bell gets his numbers wrong – again”

I’m interested in whether you support the government’s cuts in spending on the police, then? Also, even if the cuts were only to “back office staff”, who is going to do the jobs they were doing? Presumably the officers left, which will take them off the frontline, leading to even fewer police than we currently have on the streets.

Not to mention that “back office staff” do a great deal of vital police work.

I do not agree with any cut in police spending but if what the Council spends on policing locally is being cut that is a result of the disgraceful government cuts in their grants to local authorities. However, spending on policing should be prioritised as has been done in boroughs such as H&F.


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