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How to fight Labour’s £40 garden tax

Ealing Conservatives are livid about Labour’s propoal to impose a £40 garden tax on anyone who wants to use the council’s garden waste re-cycling service. Today they issued the following press release:

Free Recycling Leads to Massive Increase in Recycling Rates

Written Council answers have revealed that the tonnage of garden waste recycled increased by a whopping 103% after the Conservative Administration abolished the charges in 2007.

Cllr David Millican, Conservative Group Leader said:

“Prior to the charge being abolished, only 1,722 tonnage of garden waste was recycled. This jumped to 3,496 tonnage after the Conservative Administration removed the cost of the pink sacks and made the service free.

This whopping increase is a clear signal that most people are willing to do their bit for the environment as long as it’s free and easy to do so.

It is therefore disappointing to note that the Labour Administration will be charging residents £40 a year from April to collect their garden waste and reducing the collection to fortnightly. Many people get a cheap skip bin hire to throw away a lot of stuff. This is a massive step back in the wrong direction.

Ealing is a leafy Borough and many residents often tidy up the leaves from the street that fall/ blow into their front gardens. This saves the Council and helps to keep our streets clean. Many residents will probably stop doing this, as they will have to pay for taking pride in their neighbourhoods.

I intend to present a petition at the 13 December Council Meeting demanding that the Labour Council abolish the charge and keep recycling free and weekly.

The petition can be signed online: or by phoning: 0741 263 5228

The Ealing Tories are proud of their record of doubling re-cycling rates whilst we were in power.

Labour’s £40 garden tax will send this into reverse – even the council’s own reports says that re-cycling rates will drop by 1%.

That petition reads as follows:

We support waste reduction and recycling; and believe it should be kept free and weekly.

Therefore we demand that Ealing’s Labour Council abandons its plans:

• to impose an annual £40 garden waste tax and to collect garden waste fortnightly
• to withdraw the white sacks for plastics recycling collection
• for the option in the contract to collect waste and recyclables fortnightly

We believe that these changes will increase fly tipping, reduce the rates of recycling and alienate the very people whose support is needed.

If you want to sign follow this link.

2 replies on “How to fight Labour’s £40 garden tax”

I usually compost most of my garden waste. However, I do put out garden waste once in the spring and again in the fall when the leaf fall is excessive and maybe once in the middle of summer. Do labour believe I should pay £40.00 for three collections? It’s extortionate and I strongly object to their proposals.



You make an excellent point. An alternative way of saving money would be to encourage composting and to offer free garden waste re-cycling for those that compost to deal with occasional gluts.


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