Ealing and Northfield Policing

Wandsworth report shows that Clapham Junction riot was eerily similar Ealing Broadway riot

Today I have been reading the independent report by Neil Kinghan, a former Director General in the DCLG, into the rioting in Wandsworth this summer. See Wandsworth press release and full report.

The events in the vicinity of Clapham Junction railway station the same night as the events in the vicinity of Ealing Broadway railway station are stunningly similar, down to the bulk of the borough’s Level 2 (riot-trained) officers being pulled out of the borough early in the day.

The report is well worth a read. To my mind the main weakness of the report is that it fails to put into context the tiny number of officers on duty to deal with the events compared to the overall policing resources available in that borough. The police’s inability to flex to meet a dynamic threat is not seriously explored. In a new world of violent flash mobs we need always on, flash policing.

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