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Peter Oborne crucifies Richard Lambert

This clip from Newsnight last night shows columnist Peter Oborne casually calling an EU spokesman an idiot, causing him to walk out, before he goes on crucify ex FT editor Richard Lambert. He flings his pamphlet “Guilty Men” at Lambert. Lambert takes offence at the connotations of the phrase Guilty Men.

Throughout the nineties I worked in banking and read the FT. I totally lost patience with the FT’s state-loving, corporatist Europhilia. It is great to see Lambert called to account for being so epically wrong (which was the point of Oborne’s historical reference).

One reply on “Peter Oborne crucifies Richard Lambert”

Lambert has track record of being wrong. He and the FT steadfastly believed that Microsoft had done no wrong – and then the EU fined Microsoft 100s of million of Euros for criminal behaviour in maintaining a monopoly.


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