Ealing and Northfield

Sharma refuses to explain

On Friday 2nd September Ealing Southall MP Virendra Sharma wrote to me to “vehemently deny” allegations that he had received a £5,000 illegal donation from Indiatourism towards his victory party on 23rd May. Sharma’s denial was narrowly drawn and failed to explain his function at all which might have reassured his constituents. Therefore I asked him for futher details, see below:

Dear Mr Sharma,

Thank you for your kind reply.

In order for people to understand the background I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions for me:

– Did a party to celebrate your election victory take place at Monsoon on the evening of 23rd May 2010?
– If so how many guests were present?
– What was the rough overall value of the function? £10 per head? £20 per head? What was included? Food? What kind? Drinks? Was there a pay bar?
– Was it an official constituency event? A private party thrown by a supporter? Please explain.
– Were tickets sold? If so what was the asking price? How many were sold? Was it invitation only?
– Please provide a breakdown of all costs.
– Please provide a breakdown of all income.

I am sure that if you lay out all of the facts associated with this party clearly it will put people’s minds at rest.

Thank you in anticipation.


Phil Taylor
Ward Councillor
Northfield Ward
London Borough of Ealing

As of 9:34pm this evening it has been three weeks since I raised this very reasonable list of questions with Virendra Sharma. It is a shame he refuses to explain what happened.

2 replies on “Sharma refuses to explain”


You are quite right to pursue Mr. Sharma on this issue.

I can’t see how he has not broken the rules. Please pursue this to the bitter end.

He should resign, but I suspect he won’t.


Extraordinary that you received a reply. He has broken a habit of a lifetime.

But to get two replies brings to mind Oscar Wilde.

BTW, how in this context did you chance upon the word “kind”?


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