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Labour Announces £1 Million Garden Tax

At tonight’s cabinet meeting the Labour council agreed their £1 million garden tax and the Tory group issued the following press release:

Labour Announces £1 Million Garden Tax

Ealing’s Labour Council will impose a £1million garden tax by charging residents £40 a year for a fortnightly garden waste collection.

Cllr David Millican, Conservative Group Leader, said:

“It is outrageous that Labour will charge £40 a year to collect our garden waste and then only fortnightly. This is a Labour choice and not a Conservative choice.

Our borough is the Queen of the Suburbs and we want to encourage more people to improve their gardens and do their bit for the environment. This £40 tax will stop a lot of people recycling their garden waste.”

Labour’s has chosen to implement this tax as they say it will remove the cost of the garden waste collection from the Council Tax payer who does not benefit from the use of the service (i.e. those without a garden). However, this is nonsense. Is Labour really saying that that people without children should not be paying for schools?”

There has been a lot of discussion of this move on the forum and the forum. On the later you can see contributions from Labour’s environment chief, Bassam Mahfouz, and the old leader of the council, Jason Stacey, who put in the current system which works and most people really like.

6 replies on “Labour Announces £1 Million Garden Tax”

This is the sort of scheme that looks as though it will achieve savings on paper but will incur unforseen costs because it changes people’s behaviour.

Fewer people will engage with the Recycling scheme so less will be recycled and there will probably be an increase in fly-tipping as people get rid of garden waste elsewhere.

A popular scheme which works has been changed to one which will work less well and produce less than expected savings.

Oh! And they can blame Government cuts instead of their own lack of imagination and ability. How convenient!

Well done, Labour. Pats on the back all round.


I wonder what impact it would make on the waste charges which Ealing have to pay if a bye law were to be introduced requiring shops to charge £1 for the supply of a plastic bag.


I can’t dispute that this is a silly move by the Ealing Labour administration.

It’s almost as silly as your previous Ealing Tory administration trying to bribe us all with a £50 ‘inducement’.


While I agree with your questioning the methodology behind the 25% figure, the comparison you draw with not paying for schools is flawed.

While schooling a child brings a direct benefit to the local area and to the economy (eventually this educated child could become one of the people helping recreate our export economy), the impact of someone lucky enough to have a garden choosing to have their garden waste composted by the council, rather than in their own garden (or just burned), has little real impact.

You can argue that composting hedge trimmings is good for the global environment, but it’s nothing compared to the wasteful consumption of plastic and glass.



Welcome and thanks for contributing.

You really can’t sustain an argument that one form of re-cycling deserves support and another does not. The whole community does benefit from gardening and the council should support composting and re-cycling of garden waste where necessary. The Labour scheme will see garden waste lanfilled.

Please use your full name. We are all neighbours here.


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