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English Votes for English Laws

Yesterday the ConservativeHome blog ran this story from me about David Cameron’s frozen pledge to give English MPs English Votes for English Laws. They didn’t manage to squeeze in the images so here is the article again with the pictures.

Over the summer holidays I had a little spare time for clearing up and filing. In doing so, I came across the leaflet outlining David Cameron’s personal statement given out at the Conservative leadership hustings event at the end of November 2005 at Methodist Central Hall in Westminster. I had been meaning to dig this out for a while as I was sure that I remembered seeing the phrase “English votes for English laws”. Sure enough, I was right.

There was a 2-page inside spread titled “The next election will be in 2009/10. Here are the challenges Britain will face, and how I believe we should meet them.” Then under the heading “Strengthening our constitution” and “Devolution” Cameron himself specifically makes the promise:

Making devolution work, including English votes for English laws.

This promise did not quite make it into the 2010 Conservative manifesto in such direct language but it was there all the same:

Labour have refused to address the so-called ‘West Lothian Question’: the unfair situation of Scottish MPs voting on matters which are devolved. A Conservative government will introduce new rules so that legislation referring specifically to England, or to England and Wales, cannot be enacted without the consent of MPs representing constituencies of those countries.

Of course we do not have a Conservative government but a Coalition government, so what did the Coalition Agreement say? We had one line:

We have agreed to establish a commission to consider the ‘West Lothian question.

By October we will be 17 months into a 60 month term of office for the Coalition. In October we will hear the plan. It had better be good.

Many Tories will rightly feel that the promise of English votes for English laws got Cameron elected as leader of the Conservative party and that he shows his disdain for his own party by not more obviously prioritising some delivery on this pledge.

2 replies on “English Votes for English Laws”

How much longer do you think the English Nation is going to wait for an English Parliament ? with no interference from the rest of this `united kingdom`?
I fear not long!
In any other country this apartheid, anti anything English, (including the BBC) would be outlawed in any other country. BUT not this ` mother of all parliaments`!!!!!
Descrimination by the Scottish Blairs, Browns, Camerons and the rest of the clans, have had a great impact on our English Culture, customs and our way of life. This will not continue.! The English Nation have fought for our freedom and will do so again.


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