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38 Degrees’ NHS “advice” destroyed

MPs are due to debate the NHS bill today. The dishonest, left-wing pressure group 38 Degrees has being trying to orchestrate a letter writing campaign to MPs in order to change their minds. One of their tools has been some so-called legal opinion they have paid for from a barrister, see here.

Goaded beyond reason Tory MP Stephen Phillips has written this coolly lacerating response.

Thanks to Guido Fawkes blog, see here.

2 replies on “38 Degrees’ NHS “advice” destroyed”

The dismissal of 38 Degrees concerns as the product of a “left wing” conspiracy is hardly justified but is representative of the prevailing attitude of the present government to those in opposition. This is a government in the pockets of the financial sector as indeed, perhaps to a somewhat lesser extent, was its ill-fated predecessor. Like many others in this society I feel both disenfranchised and cheated. Our foreign policy is both disgraceful and expensive and ignores public opinion. Meanwhile the gulf between the top and bottom of our economy continues to grow. Shame on you.


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