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The Trained Economist rides again

I have been on holiday for a few days so apologies for the lack of blogging lately.

It is some time since I have used the “trained economist” logo in a blog poking fun at council leader Julian Bell’s wobbly grip on numbers and all things financial. I can only assume from this tweet yesterday that Cllr Bell endorses the loony-left views of Guardian economics editor Larry Elliott. Bell refers to an article that is over a fortnight old which prescribes the following solutions to the economic crises:

  • capital controls
  • allowing strong trade unions
  • wage subsidies
  • and protectionism.

With ideas like this Labour will be out of power for decades. Maybe Comrade Bell should throw in collectivisation of agriculture for good measure.

2 replies on “The Trained Economist rides again”

If your Conservatve Party doesn’t turn round the economy by 2015, Labour will get elected anyway. And to be fair, Conservative policies don’t seem to creating significant growth numbers so far – and you’ve had 15 months to work on it.



Nice to hear.

It took Labour 13 years to break the economy so it is a bit optimistic asking the Tories to fix it in 15 months I think. I don’t think this government, or any other, will fix the economy. It takes entrepreneurs to make a million tiny decisions. It takes confidence. Hopefully George Osborne has set the right macroeconomic framework and given the productive sector of the economy some hope that it will not be taxed into oblivion to prop up a state sector which lost productivity under Labour. Certainly the austerity package has enabled the UK to avoid the worst of the recent currency panics and our interest rates have remained low and stable. Ask business what they want and this is one of their main requests.

Time will tell but not in 15 months.


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