Ealing and Northfield Mayor Johnson

Boris on Ealing Green

I have just left the Boris travelling show on Ealing Green. It was great that he came to see for himself one of the main centres of the damage on Monday. Everyone was glad to see him except one very loud, young black man in comedy glasses. No doubt he will be the focus of any footage shown on TV. A student from the adjacent Drama Studio London trying to get himself noticed I expect.

Sorry about the appalling picture. You can just about make out the Boris mop about 1/5th of the way from the left. No doubt other will do much better than me.

3 replies on “Boris on Ealing Green”

no mention of what the loud man

oh Boris being a fellow tory means we will probably never hear it anyway

this blog is too one sided, shameful!


It’s a Tory councillor’s blog, what did you think you were going to read? You can always look at the Labour councillors’ blogs if you want to read the other point of view.


Fair point,

but Phil know has updated the blog with info on the guy, maybe after my comment, good timing eh>?


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