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Bell’s Herbert Road photo lies for him

I have been meaning to repeat my Southall car park mystery shopping for a while now so when I saw Labour council leader Julian Bell’s tweet and the accompanying photo just now I jumped in the car to check his facts. He is either mendacious or lazy.

It took me 9 minutes to drive from Sainsbury’s in West Ealing to the Herbert Road multi-storey car park. This is my standard journey. The park time was about 30s and I found an empty space on level 2. Although the lower levels were full the car park got emptier as you went up and the top floor was totally empty, see my picture below timestamped at 11:55am, half an hour after Bell’s. In all I counted 6 disabled spaces free and about 140 regular spaces. Bell clearly does not want to see beyond the end of his nose.

On the way home I looped into the Conservative Club car park which is available to the public. There were about 50 empty spaces there.

Parking in Southall is easy most of the time. At the busy times it will still be rammed. There is no business case for Labour’s £5.5 million car park.

2 replies on “Bell’s Herbert Road photo lies for him”

top floor and groudn floor views it seems
but still empty
residents rather have a CPZ L Review instead of a new car park..
however many request made to both Tory & Labour councillors have failed
Lets agree on the car park then, its not if coucnillors lsiten to residents anyayu


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