Ealing and Northfield

Labour planning to trash recycling

The Conservative group issued the following press release today – looks like Labour are going to trash the excellent re-cycling system they were bequeathed.

Labour Recycles Weekly Collection Pledge

At 26 July Cabinet Meeting, the Labour Administration decided to award a new contract for Waste and Recycling Collection, Street Cleaning, Grounds Maintenance, which included provisions for a fortnightly collection, charging for garden waste collection and the phasing out of white sack for plastics.

Cllr Tony Young, Shadow Portfolio for Environment and Transport said:

Labour has priced in their new Waste and Recycling contract an option to move to fortnightly collection of household waste, recyclables and garden waste. In the 2010 local elections, Labour promised residents a “guaranteed weekly collection.” It would appear that Labour is planning to recycle their manifesto pledge.

A Conservative Administration firmly supports a weekly collection and further believes that Labour sneaky plans to phase out the white sacks for plastics will lead to more people not bothering to recycle. Most households fill their white sacks each week; they will not have room in their green boxes.

There is also the issue that the green boxes are uncovered, which means that the plastics are liable to be blown everywhere. Whilst most people are keen to recycle, they won’t want the hassle of cleaning up their plastics down the street.

A Conservative Administration would never make these foolhardy changes.

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