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Reynard Mills developers sent packing

I have just heard from Brentford councillor Ruth Cadbury that the Reynard Mills developers wil be sent packing. She says:

On Thursday I met our senior planning officer. Many residents of north Brentford will be pleased to know that the applicants will be asked to withdraw their application, on the basis that it represents significant overdevelopment on the site. If they insist on pursuing it they would be refused planning permission by officers under their delegated powers. This means that it won’t be coming to the planning committee.

We would expect that if they want to redevelop the site they would return with a much reduced scheme, with much less impact on the local area.

This issue has given us one of the biggest “post-bags” we have had on a local issue for a very long time, so I hope people can rest assured that whatever happens on that site, we will ensure that it is in scale and keeping with the local area.

2 replies on “Reynard Mills developers sent packing”

What intrigues me about this is that when developers come up with a large scheme they have already talked to the planning department,have they not? But still they come up with a huge scheme.

Planning then go on to say overdevelopment. Why did they not say that in the first place?

What a waste of developer’s money and my money.

Are controls on Planning just too weak, or is that some of the planning officers are a waste of space?



Your last sentence is just gratuitous George.

I am sure developers put in over large applications as an “opening bid”. Then when they put in something that is still “full” it seems modest in comparison to what has gone on before. I think it is called expectation management. I guess it is sneaky. I think we are sophisticated enough to see through it.


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