Ealing and Northfield

Labour gets on the train – last

Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, Labour’s transport spokesman, used the occasion of a friendly question from his colleague Cllr Rennie last night at council to announce that the council is working with Network Rail to improve Ealing Broadway station – about time too. See Labour’s petition here. Somewhat humiliatingly they have no signatures a day after they launched it. Maybe Cllr Mahfouz could have signed it? Cllr Rennie? Anyone?

Central Ealing and Acton MP, Angie Bray has been working hard on this issue for years, well before she was even elected. See here, here and here.

The LibDems have been trying to promote the Hammersmith model of an integrated transport hub, see their petition here. As of tonight they have 102 signatures. This idea was essentially picked up from Save Ealing’s Centre, see here. Mahfouz ridiculed this notion as costing £75-85 million.

SEC are collecting signatures as well. As of tonight they have 485 signatures. They still seem to be hung up on the idea of spending £10 millions on “a fully integrated modern public transport interchange”.

We the undersigned call on Ealing Council to take the initiative to ensure the rebuilding of Ealing Broadway Station includes a fully integrated modern public transport interchange with improved access and lift and escalator links between buses, cycles, taxis and trains, and does not impinge further on Haven Green.

There is a sensible job of work to be done to improve Ealing Broadway Station. It is good to see the administration pick it up and run with it. Persuading Ealing Council, TfL and Crossrail to work together to spend a few £ million to make sensible improvements to Ealing Broadway would be very desirable. Spending £50 million plus on replicating Hammersmith isn’t going to and shouldn’t happen. To my mind it is plain silly to build a massively expensive warehouse for buses over the railway line at Ealing Broadway. We need more schools, better parks and roads resurfaced first.

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