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Questions: Scrutiny replaced by Labour placemen talking to themselves

Back in March I pointed out that the council’s scrutiny budget had been cut by £55K. This would result in the number of scrutiny panels falling from 9 to 5, a cut of 44% in outputs.

In May I reported on Labour’s housing commission. This looks like a Labour love in with two members drawn from the Fabian Society (the Jesuits of Labour) plus three current Labour politicians and one ex-Labour politician turned highly paid civil servant. No opposition voices whatsoever.

At the last council meeting I asked a few questions on this, see question 44 here.

Question: How much will the housing commission cost the council?
Answer: The Housing Commission has a budget of £25k in total. None of the commissioners are being paid or receiving expenses.

Question: When will it meet?
Answer: The Commission has met four times in total so far – with a further three meetings planned.

Question: Will there be any public meetings?
Answer: We are intending to hold appropriate public forum to review the commission’s recommendations and conclusions.

Question: When will it report?
Answer: The final report will be available towards the end of this year.

Question: Who will approve its Terms of Reference?
Answer: The Terms of Reference have been approved by the commissioners.

Regular people not invited.

3 replies on “Questions: Scrutiny replaced by Labour placemen talking to themselves”

The housing scandal on telly: simples! They are all illegal immigrants and so should be shipped back to where they came from (and if they cannot be identified then imprisoned in work camps until they tell us who they are. There are no issues here regarding local government in Ealing, these are issues to do with central government policing and immigration. There is no reason why Ealing Council should help any of these people they have not contributed to anything in this country.

The housing commission of Ealing; a completely different kettle of fish. It is clearly a jobs for the boys quango with expenses and honoraria probably thrown in for good measure.


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