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Council won’t let you see library documents

This press release got put up and taken down again from the council’s website this morning (text below). It talks about giving residents “FIRST SIGHT OF COUNCIL’S LIBRARIES REPORT” but does not point out that the council are refusing to publish the actual documents that will be discussed next Tuesday until Monday morning which will give people no time to actually read the documents and take part in the debate. You might have thought that the press release would include a link to the documents, but no. Labour councillors can read them and get their story straight in advance but the public will have to take part in the meeting with little preparation.

The Conservative opposition have forced this meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny committee specifically so that the changes to our library service can be properly debated before a cabinet meeting that will decide the way forward. Labour’s proposals have been rejected by residents and they seem reluctant to publish their way forward in time for it to be properly debated in spite of the fact that the documents have already been prepared. It is clear from council leader Cllr Bell’s comments that he has seen the documents but he wont’ let you see them.

Can we see them today please Cllr Bell?

Update: Apparently as a special concession we will get to see the documents on Friday. Labour councillors have had them for some days.


Residents are being invited to review and discuss the council’s report on the future of the borough’s library services.

The council’s overview and scrutiny committee will meet on Tuesday,
28 June at 7pm in Ealing Town Hall to discuss a detailed report that outlines its proposals to develop the borough’s library services.

The report includes the results of a six-week public consultation that more than 3,000 residents and library users took part in. The committee will explore options for how libraries could be run in the future.

Leader of the council, Councillor Julian Bell, said: “The consultation highlighted two things, residents’ passion for the libraries and some interesting concepts for the council to consider working with community organisations to deliver the services. We will continue to explore these options over the coming months.

“We are determined to deliver a high-quality library service that serves all residents across the borough. This meeting is the first opportunity to look at how we can work with volunteers and community groups.

“We have been committed to asking residents’ views before making any decisions. This meeting is the next step of the process.”

The meeting being held in the Liz Cantell room of Ealing Town Hall is open to members of the public. Anyone wishing to ask specific questions or to speak at the meeting must contact Keith Fraser, head of scrutiny and committees on 020 8825 7497 or email by midday on Wednesday, 27 June.

Recommendations from the meeting will be presented to the council’s cabinet when they consider the report at their meeting on Tuesday, 5 July at 7pm in Ealing Town Hall.


3 replies on “Council won’t let you see library documents”

Some interesting discussion is starting up on the Ealing Today Forum about the amount of money being spent to advertise the Ealing Festival and whether the mobile library could be saved if the advertising was cut.
Someone postulates that advertising for the festival will be over one hundred thousand pounds and I would like to know if this is true. If so, could the mobile library be saved by, say, halving the amount of money spent on media advertising (newspapers, magazines, radio, etc.).


I heard in the pub last night from my friends that Peter Bridge who raised the questions about this advertising spend in light of cuts has already has id suspended by Ealing Today within hours of his maiden post.

Clealry Unison, Unite and various other anti-social elements are in power as moderators on Ealing Today. Are you happy continuing to discuss and debate on that forum, and have you never wondered why some people with very valid points of view and comments only manage to post once and are never heard from again.

So much for openness and democracy.

I fear it is over to you once more to get to the bottom of this extraordinary expenditure in the face of criminal and unneceasary cuts being implemented by our officer-led (as you term it) council speaking from the trade union bars with their drinking-buddy Labour Council friends.


Councillor Mr Phil Taylor you MUST keep on posting on the Ealing Today Forum regardless. I looks at things differently Maggie. The only way that we can preserve free speech is by exercising it. People die in other countries standing up for free speech. Look at Libya.
I have sent an appropriate message using appropriate anglo-saxon investives to the anonymous editor@EalingToday.couk. From what I can tell the Ealing/Acton/Chiswick W5/W13/W4 fora are run by people who put out catfood for the hedgehogs for people who put out catfood for hedgehogs where there are no hedgehogs (so the rats eat the catfood). These people then wonder why their gardens are over-run by rats and all the designer wildlife boxes they have ordered from John Lews online and put around their garden either have nothing in them (because the rats eat the young wildlife), or instead the rats are nesting in the designed boxes!
My response to this is going to be simple I am going to put together a list of all the advertisers in all these fora and e-mail a note with all the comments that I have made for which I have been removed from the fora for asking them to make up their minds as to whether I should have been deleted from the Ealing Today Forum bearing in mind that it is meant to be a forum for Ealing people to discuss Ealing issues. I shall also circulate this to my family, friends, work-colleagues, and fellow church parishioners suggesting that they avoid going to any advertisers for advertise in these fora as these fora are not open and fair and definitely operating to some agenda that does not line up with the Ealing Forum for Ealing People objective.
Keep Blogging!


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