Ealing and Northfield

Local journalism

It is interesting to contrast the approach of three of our local news outlets to reporting the council’s Recycling Rewards scheme.

On the Ealing Today website Annamarie Flanagan really did just regurgitate the council’s press release verbatim. It was quick at least, it came out the same day.

In the Gazette Michael Russell took six days to merely re-arrange the words in the council’s press release and add his name to his work.

In contrast at the Ealing Times reporter Shane Murray took nine days to do a proper job. He called me up and another Conservative councillor, Colm Costello. Having gathered some contrary views Shane then went back to the Labour spokesman to give him the chance to rebut what was said. Shane’s article is an interesting piece of journalism which presents opposing views and brings out new facts. Well done Ealing Times. I am pleased that they have decided to invest in covering Ealing again, if only online for now.

Amusingly Cllr Mahfouz accuses me of sour grapes “because Northfield’s participation rates had fallen”. I thought that my comments were pretty measured considering what a silly piece of spin this turned out to be. According to Mahfouz’s stats the recycling participation rate in Northfield fell from 71.9% to 70.4%. I would be surprised if this was even statistically significant let alone a cause for “sour grapes”.

Northfield is consistently amongst the top wards for cleanliness and re-cycling thanks to its considerate residents. All smiles here Cllr Mahfouz.

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