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Bell’s choices

This tweet yesterday from Labour council leader Julian Bell is wrong on a number of levels.

Labour are not investing and Bell betrays himself with his sloppy language. The council maybe doing the investing but it is taxpayers’ money they are spending.

What is happening at Oldfield Circus is that your money is being spent as a result of a choice made by a politician. In fact this was not Julian Bell’s choice but his predecessor Jason Stacey’s. Bell is merely trying to get the credit. By their choices you shall know them.

Most of Jason Stacey’s Conservative choices were around improving the immediate environment of the people paying the bills. More road re-surfacing. Cleaner streets. Better parks. Refurbished libraries. The list goes on.

Councillor Bell’s Labour choices are about looking after his own. After schools Bell’s biggest allocation of capital is to spend £16.3 million on the council itself. After that its £5.5 million for a car park for Southall. Under Labour regeneration is limited to Southall, the council gets shiny new offices and there is no cash for libraries.

It’s all about choices. The people choose the politicians. The politicians decide. The people pay.

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As you so astutely pointed out there is a direct food-chain relationship between Ealing/Southall MP Vivendra Shah and Ealing Council Leader Cllr Julian Bell within the Labour Party with Julian Bell being employed by Vivendra Shah as a researcher. Bringing to bear the emphasis of the almost exclusive activity of the Ealing Labour Party applied to Southall (especially the un-publicised – outside of Southall – focus on the Southall Royal Wedding celebrations and parties involving the pair of them and the mayor) it is becoming clear that Julian Bell is being groomed as Vivendra Shah’s successor for the role of Labour Candidate in the next general election.
While this obviously portents further major activity for these two in Southall, I wonder if they realse that the Ealing/Southall parliamentary constituency extends beyond Southall and includes other parts of Ealing such as Northfields (where one of the proposed library closures is sited) where Vivendra Shah’s efforts in organising troupes of dancing girls for the Royal Wedding at the expense of time that could be spent on working out ways to keep Ealing’s Libraries open might not be so appreciated by his potential electorate!).


Hi Maggie good post

However the southall street party was published clearly on the internet, ealing homepage, ealing gazette, bbc.
Im really unsure where else you wanted to view this? perhaps front page on a national newspaper??
Seeing as the links between the royal members and clarence street, im not surprised this made media coverage.

Also unfortuantely you are wrong if yo believe Julian Bell is SHarmas successor, its just not goign to happen!


There was no information about the event in Southall on the Ealing Council website, and no coverage until well after the event in the Ealing Gazette. It was all cloak and dagger until the event itself. The mayor, Bell and Sharma participated only in this event on that day.


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