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A quick scan of the AV referendum results underlines the “chattering class” nature of the Yes campaign and its voters. I saw reporting that only 10 voting areas said Yes. Having scanned the results twice I can only find 9. I don’t know why the Electoral Commission can’t publish a spreadsheet, it is not as if they don’t use them to do their job! The 9 is simply a list of centres of metropolitan silliness: Cambridge, Camden, Edinburgh Central, Glasgow Kelvin, Hackney, Haringey, Islington, Lambeth and Oxford. The most Yes voting area? Hackney. Only another 20 voting areas scrapped over the 40% Yes line. Again all metropolitan centres such as Brighton and Hove, Cardiff Central, etc. The only exceptions were the 9,000 voters on the Shetland Island and Northern Ireland where the whole result was lumped together.

Of the 11 regions of the UK Northern Ireland got the biggest Yes at 43.68%. London was the most Yes in England but still didn’t get over the 40% barrier. 5 out of 9 English regions were less than 30% Yes and 8 out of 9 were less than 32% Yes.

I expect to die before we change first past the post. Yeah!

Update: The borough I did not spot when scanning was Southwark.

4 replies on “Metropolitan silliness”

What were the results for the Ealing area(s)? You are way ahead of the Ealing Gazette anyway, as of Saturday evening not a peep about AV on its online news website in West London, let alone in Ealing. Why?



There is no breakdown beyond the whole borough. Various people at the counts take “dips”. This is where you try to sample ballot boxes by eye. These figures are not official and don’t get published.



I do think that the whole exercise has been silly. It was a very expensive bit of LibDem willy waving and it merely proved how stupendously wrong they were.

In rural and small town England people voted 3 to 1 against. London and the Celtic fringe dragged the average down to 2 to 1 against.


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