Ealing and Northfield

Questions: Pothole money

After the budget in March I noted that the government had given the council £323K to fix potholes, see here. I wondered if this was enough so I asked the question at the last council meeting, see here.

Question 38:

During the winter how many potholes were identified on the borough’s roads? How many were fixed? How much did this cost? How does this compare with the previous year?

Answer 38:

Highways are still in the process of finalising the figures for the 2010/2011 Winter programme, however it is estimated that an additional 4578 potholes were identified as a result of the Winter that we experienced and the estimated cost will be £355,481.00

Last year a total of 13,427 additional potholes were identified as a result of the Winter that was experienced in 2009/2010 and the cost of repairing these was £825,000.00

So apparently our potholes were pretty much covered then. On a serious note if you do see a road, or any other bit of stuff that the council is responsible for, in bad condition call 020 8825 6000. Most things will get fixed pretty quickly you will find. If not hassle your councillor.

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