Ealing and Northfield

Oh and another thing

Sorry to keep going on about libraries but this one really is worth fighting.

The senior officers have had some of the smaller libraries in their sights for some years. In the 2007 budget round they came for Hanwell. The Tories said no. In the 2008 budget round they came for Perivale. The Tories said no. In 2009 they knew better! We did though take £400K out of the back office and re-invest some of it in the front office.

With a relatively new, inexperienced administration in charge the officers have come back for five frontline library services this time around.

In the 2010 Tory manifesto we promised to complete the library modernisation programme started under Labour, continued under the Tories and now brought to a juddering halt. We said we would “modernise Acton, Hanwell, Perivale and Southall libraries”.

One reply on “Oh and another thing”

How about some names for these council officers who keep suggesting the cuts? As we all pay to employ these people, shouldn’t we know who they are?


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