Ealing and Northfield

Ten things you need to know about Hanwell library

  1. Hanwell library only employs 2.9 staff.
  2. It is very cheap to run – only £83K per annum would be saved by closing it.
  3. Council officers asked the Conservatives if they wanted to close it in 2007. We said no.
  4. The library service costs £6.7 million so the saving would be 1.2% of the library budget.
  5. The library is very dilapidated and needs £1,106,400 to fix it.
  6. In the Conservative 2010 manifesto we promised to modernise Hanwell library.
  7. The new Labour council want to spend £5.5 million providing 100-200 car park places in Southall – 5 times the amount required to fix up Hanwell library.
  8. Hanwell has an identity of its own – it needs its own library.
  9. The book buying budget is less than 10% of libraries spending and should be left alone. There is no point in keeping the buildings and staff and not buying books.
  10. There are other ways of finding savings in the library service if required, for instance:
    • The library service employs 125 FTE altogether.
    • There are 7 senior managers in the library service who report up through three more layers of management.
    • The libraries back office still employs 21.5 FTE.
    • Ealing Central library employs 27 FTE.

One reply on “Ten things you need to know about Hanwell library”

There is no way on God’s earth that I would ever vote Labour again after what Ealing’s Labour types are doing to this borough.



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